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nolittlecrush's Journal

No little crush
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a Mariah Carey community

W e l c o m e to 'No Little Crush', a place to get your daily dose of Mariah Prettiness. Everyday, a little something will be posted about Mariah Carey (pics, video, icons, etc. anything related to Mariah, but mostly pics I guess) to brighten up your friends page. Feel free to do the same and participate posting your MC picspam, sharing your pictures and your music, or you can just leave a nice comment and try to guess the song in the title of the posts :p)

! ! ! This is not a news blog! ! ! we won't post rumours, news of her appearing on tv, etc.. if you want to know what's going on in MariahLand, visit MariahDaily or MCarchives :)

You don't have to join this community to read the posts on your friendpage or comment, watching is enough. You'll need to join though if you want to post an entry or access an entry with links to music.

> The title of your post must contain lyrics from her songs.
> Use an lj-cut for your picspam, and thumbnails for huge pictures.
> When posting icons, put a sample first (3icons maximum) and the rest behind an lj-cut.
> Only posts with music links must be members only, others posts must be public.

Be nice or leave. Don't start any drama, respect everybody, and remember people have the right not to like/love something, that doesn't make them any less of a good fan.

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